Lake Tahoe!

I just got back from Lake Tahoe, a 10 day vacation with my
sister and her family. It was so much fun! The lake is so much
prettier in person! We had three days of skiing.Had a snow storm the
first night we spent there then it was hot as heck! Lovely scenery,
the last time I was there was thirty years ago for a wedding, sheesh
am I that old!!! Got my authentic Mexican food fix. And scored some
exquisite Parisian Framed Ladies from a thrift store. The lady accused
me of changing the prices from $3.50 to $2.50, I told her that my
integrity was worth a lot more than a couple of bucks.
Took me extra time to get home because my flight was canceled, spent
all day on an airplane and then lost my phone, then found it, thank
heaven's! It went to Boston! An honest person mailed it back to me.

oooh I am sore

Went to the gym today. Did the abs class and the cardio Kick boxing and ooh I am so sore. I have been walking on the treadmill for a few weeks now and just starting to branch out and take classes. 
Today I plan to spend in my studio. Decluttering and organizing and maybe getting to play some.

Happy February!

Wow it's February! One of my favorite holidays is coming, I love Valentine's day. I am an incurable romantic. Still believe in the fairytale love story and love to watch romance movies. Love Roses and the color Red. I go through phases in my art and this month always brings out the cherubs, flowers, birds, butterflies and hearts in me.
Still on my quest to lose 30 more pounds. Signed up for a boot camp class 3xs a week. Need a kick in my pants and get me out of my comfort zone. Please send me encouragement, I really need it!
My husband drives a limo as a side job and is down in Miami for the superbowl. He'll be gone for 5 days, so I plan to do as much art as I can!
Still cleaning my studio, getting rid of clutter, 15 minutes a day. I have so much stuff and sometimes I forget where it all is, well I am changing that so everything has a place and I know where it is!

Winter Frolic ATC's

This is done with a stamp from Stamp Francisco. Snowflake die cuts and Twinkling H2o's. Hard to see from scan but there is a lot of shimmer and glitter to add to the winter feel.

I am back!

Well I am moved and back in Gainesville FL from West Palm Beach. I was gone for a year, separated from my husband and happy to be back. I have been sick ever since I moved back. Not the stuck in bed sick but just an achy sinus headache and flu like symptoms. I was sick 4 times in WPB in a year and now every other day I feel sick here. Before I left last year I had the same symptoms, I thought it was because I was stressed out. But come to find out it's the climate in N FL that does it to me. This is a high allergy area, and mold loves it here! I am glad that I now know what has been bothering me all these years.
Then I had cable problems. My husband only used the internet to check emails and if he can't log on he tries later. Little did we know how much the internet was out until I returned. I spend most of the day online. The connection was so bad that We would have service about 25 minutes a day and not all at the same time! So frustrating. We have since switched companies and haven't had a problem since. It's only been three months since we have 2 companies in my area instead of just one, competition is good!
Signed up for the gym. The brand new facility is so awesome compare to the hole in the wall place I left a year ago, and of course the membership fee reflects that change, oh well. I have lost about thirty pounds on my own but now need to step up my workout to break the plateau. I love
The biggest loser show and can't wait until it comes on again.
Happy to be doing some art again, I am involved in some ATC swaps. I find being involved in swaps kick me in the rear to get doing something. My muse is visiting at midnight, though! I get a lot done after midnight but my whole day is thrown off.

reunion Atc

Out of all the ATC's I did, this one took me the longest. Usually I try not to think about how my art is "supposed" to look like, I am often surprised how it turns out. But this time I wanted to tell a story. This is about a Lady, longing for her warrior husband to come back from battle, she has a sadness that only a reunion will take away.

some eye candy

This is a batch of ATC's I did yesterday. I don't do too many ATC's but yesterday I got an urge.

I am so sick of wings, I see it on ebay ALOT! But she needed some wings, so I gave them to her LOL!

I love romantic dreamy images like this one. Has a little bit of darkness to it too, very mysterious and A quiet beauty she is.

Intrigue ATC

Another one for today! Wow I really like the way this one came out after playing around with all the components, I arrived at a pleasing composition. Reminds me of a playing card. It's hard to see, but the swirls are gold.

Seize the Day!

I woke up saying this to myself as I wondered what I would get done today. So I made an ATC AFTER I cleaned up my studio! I gave myself a job and didn't stop until it was done. Then I was in a groove when my CD player started doing weird things. I tried to change the cds but nothing happened just all the lights were flashing and I couldn't get my cds out! Mechanical Error said the display Arrgh! Somehow I managed to get the cds out by turning on and off the machine. Ayyy! I am an artist that cannot work in silence, music fuels me. And I play wierd music, my husband calls it Snake charming music,LOL! Right now I am into Waterbone "Orion's Prophecy, Karsh Kale's Liberation and Midival Punditz, How's that for a line up! But after all that I sat down and this is the ATC I made.